This can be a major concern for the loved ones left behind who have to find a way to pay for arrangements at the time of need. It’s such a highly emotional time when a family member or close friend passes away. Trying to juggle organising the funeral whilst considering their personal wishes and sort our payment of the funeral costs can seem very daunting.


The rising cost of funerals
When you compare how much the cost of funerals has risen with rises in other costs over the same period – like petrol, electricity and wages – the difference is vast. Even house prices can’t match the rate of rising funeral costs.

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Source: SunLife (2020), Cost of Dying Report,; Figures rounded to nearest %

According to SunLife’s Cost of Dying Report1, just 40% of people have made sufficient provisions to cover the full cost of their funeral when the time comes. On average, loved ones had to find £1,981 to meet the full cost of the funeral. And for 12% of families, finding the money to pay for a funeral has caused notable financial problems.

Avoid rising costs
Taking a proactive approach and purchasing a Prepaid Funeral Plan means you can protect yourself and your loved ones against rising funeral costs by freezing the cost of your funeral at today’s prices.

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While many funeral plan providers have entered the market in recent years, what they offer in their plans can differ greatly. It’s important you check exactly what’s included in the plan before you make a commitment to buy.

Some providers promise to cover Funeral Director’s services, which sounds like it covers all your funeral essentials, but this is not always the case. You could find that other costs also apply, such as cremation or burial fees, or Minister or Officiant’s fees, which could be unwelcome surprises for your family when the time comes.

Help to ease the worry of loved ones
Radio Times has partnered with Dignity to offer a choice of four Prepaid Funeral Plans. Dignity introduced the UK’s first funeral plan in 1985. Since then over 910,000 people have made provision for funeral costs in advance with Dignity.

Dignity’s funeral plans not only cover the cost of the funeral services included in the plan, but also lets you take care of the arrangements in advance by providing the option to record your personal wishes, such as flowers, music and readings. You can specify as much or as little detail as you like.

This means that your loved ones won’t have the worry of finding a funeral director or deciding on the most appropriate arrangements at the time of need. They’ll also receive all the help and support they need, giving them peace of mind that all the services in the plan will be carried out according to your wishes so that they can focus on making their own personal tributes.

Dignity prides itself on being there to help people at one of the most difficult times of their lives. It does this with compassion, openness, care and respect. But perhaps most importantly, the service provided comes highly recommended by the families that Dignity serves. Nearly 98%† of families Dignity has served said that they would recommend Dignity to friends and relatives.

Request your free guide online or call 0800 033 4717 today, quoting RAD136ND, and find out how you can protect you and your family from rising funeral costs.• When you receive your guide, choose the plan that best suits you and your families’ needs and budget.
• You can also personalise your plan so your family can have peace of mind knowing they can follow your wishes. You can detail as little or as much as you like^.
• Call Dignity at any time if you have any questions and they will be happy to talk through the plan or payment options with you.

* SunLife (2020), Cost of Dying Report,
^There is no charge to add or change your special requests, however the cost of some special requests may not be included in the plan and would need to be paid for separately, such as flowers.
†Dignity plc Annual Report & Accounts 2018


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