Putting money aside for your funeral makes good sense. Saving little and often makes it more affordable. Some people buy an Over 50s policy to help provide money towards their funeral. However, did you know you may end up paying more in than it ever pays out? That’s because the amount the policy provides at the end is fixed, but the longer you live, the more you pay in.


Stop rising funeral costs
Unlike a funeral plan, there is no guarantee that the pay-out from an Over 50s policy will be enough to cover the cost of your funeral. You could end up leaving loved ones with more to pay. What’s more, Over 50s policies don’t include a note of your wishes or any help with the funeral arrangements, so your family would still have to manage this themselves.

Plan your funeral, your way
A prepaid funeral plan is the most practical and cost-effective way to take care of funeral costs and arrangements in advance. Not only does the plan fix the costs of the services it covers, but you can also document your wishes, so your loved ones are spared the additional pressures of trying to arrange the perfect send off for you. You can document as much or as little as you want, and change your mind at any time for no additional cost*.

How Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans compare to Over 50s policies:
Radio Times has partnered with Dignity to offer a choice of four Prepaid Funeral Plans. Dignity introduced the UK’s first funeral plan in 1985. Since then nearly one million people^ have made provision for funeral costs in advance with Dignity, more than any other provider.

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Peace of mind
If you choose to pay for your funeral plan over more than 12 months, and pass away before you’ve finished paying for it, Dignity will cover your outstanding balance.
They won’t ask your loved ones to pay a penny more than you’ve already paid for all the services included in your plan.
That’s the Dignity promise**.

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Dignity prides itself on being there to help people at one of the most difficult times of their lives. It does this with compassion, openness, care and respect. But perhaps most importantly, the service provided comes highly recommended by the families that Dignity serves. In fact, 98%^ of Dignity planholders surveyed said that they would recommend Dignity to friends and relatives.

• Request your free guide online by clicking here or call 0800 033 4717 today, quoting RAD138ND, and find out how you can protect you and your family from rising funeral costs.
• When you receive your guide, choose the plan that best suits you and your families’ needs and budget.
• You can also personalise your plan so your family can have peace of mind knowing they can follow your wishes. You can detail as little or as much as you like.
• Call Dignity at any time if you have any questions and they will be happy to talk through the plan or payment options with you.


*The costs of the services in your chosen plan are fixed but some special requests may incur additional costs if these services are added, such as flowers or an organist.
^Dignity plc Annual Report and Accounts 2019
**Please see the Instalment Payments section of the Funeral Plan Terms and Conditions for further details which is included in your FREE guide.
†There will be an extra charge if you spread the cost over more than 12 months. These are available provided that all payments are completed by the 85th birthday of the eldest person named on the plan.
All calls to 0800 numbers are free of charge whether made from a landline or a mobile phone. Your call may be recorded for monitoring and quality purposes.