reveals the culprits causing unexpected vehicle damage this autumn


● Unexpected damage to vehicles costs an average of £300 per year on repairs

● Potholes (55%), debris in the road (40%) and bird excrement (44%%) are revealed as the top reasons for such damage

● Used-car marketplace Motorway encourages drivers to fix damage quickly and professionally, to maintain the value of their car 10th October: Brits have revealed the worst culprits when it comes to experiencing unexpected damage (damage outside of wear and tear or road incidents) to their cars, shows new research by

Potholes came out top, with 55% experiencing pothole associated damage in the last year alone - set to increase following a record-breaking hot summer which will see UK roads contract this winter.

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This was closely followed by pesky pigeon droppings wrecking paintwork (44%), debris on the road (40%), and stones impacting tyres (38%). Adverse weather conditions (22%) and low hanging branches (20%) showed nature isn’t always on the driver’s side when it comes to other top causes of unexpected damage. Other obscure answers came from shopping trolleys, acorns and conkers, and deer lost in the road.

With a tough winter ahead, 80% of Brits are concerned about the cost of car maintenance, with over a fifth open to the idea of selling their vehicle. However, 65% are worried about how damage has affected the value of their car, with 70% seeking out at-home fixes to avoid forking out on repairs.

Though it might be tempting to opt for a quick fix, Alex Buttle, co-founder of Motorway said of the findings: “When it comes to retaining the value of your car, it’s important to keep on top of regular maintenance and have repairs made as and when needed. While it can be frustrating to spend the money at the time, ultimately car owners will be maximising the future value of their car, which is always important when it’s time to sell.”

Top 10 most common causes of unexpected vehicle damage:

1. Potholes (55%)
2. Bird excrement (44%)
3. Debris on the road (40%)
4. Stones in tyres (38%)
5. Adverse weather conditions (22%)
6. Low hanging trees (20%)
7. Sea salt (8%)
8. Sun damage such as bleaching upholstery (8%)
9. Conkers (7%)
10. Chewing gum (6%)


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Research carried out in September 2022 by Censuswide with a sample of 2,000 British car owners aged 18+

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