The MotorEasy service

Our partner, MotorEasy offers the appropriate service for your car to the manufacturer’s schedule and specification but for significantly less than a main dealer will charge. You can expect savings of around 40% when you book your service through them.


Motoreasy’s ‘do it for me’ approach will assist you through the whole process. You book online, they organise the booking at the best rates, and if the car needs repairs, they step in to protect you from overcharging and unnecessary work. They also offer a collection and delivery service for advance bookings.


It’s more than an MOT

Unlike an MOT, a service is not a legal requirement – but that doesn’t mean it is any less important.

While an MOT is a technical inspection for safety, it is not designed to check, repair or replace worn vehicle components, all of which can affect the performance and running costs of your car.

More like this

For instance, a new oil and air filter will make your engine run more smoothly and efficiently, while correcting an underinflated tyre will reduce rolling resistance and improve your fuel consumption. That is where a service comes in.

At its most basic, a service will change engine oil and filters. It can also include changing spark plugs, coolant, brake or power-steering fluid, as well as checking the condition of your tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, lighting, windscreen wipers and battery so you are not hit by inflated fix-it costs if they fail unexpectedly.


Have your service and MOT at the same time because much of the work is duplicated and you can avoid paying twice. You can have your MOT up to 30-days before its due date without altering the following year’s due date, effectively meaning your MOT will be valid for 13-Months. This will help avoid any rush and allow more time for any necessary repairs. If your next service and MOT dates are miles apart, our partner, MotorEasy, offers MOT’s at £30, so having an MOT even 6-months before its due will mean you’re only really paying an extra £15 and bringing the dates into line is likely to save you much more than that, now and in future years.

Prevention savings

Just because your car feels in good working order when you are driving, it doesn’t automatically mean all is working well underneath the bonnet. Deterioration is often gradual and hidden, so you might not notice something is wrong until a major fault develops with your vehicle, which is ultimately a lot more costly.

For example, the average cost of a basic car service is around £125. When you consider that a replacement water pump can set you back £240, a cylinder head gasket £620 and an engine exchange £4,575, it is a no-brainer to pay for a regular service to maintain and prolong the health of all your car components.

Furthermore, by regularly servicing your car, you are decreasing your chances of being caught out by a breakdown. If you haven’t got breakdown cover, recovery costs caused by an ill-serviced car can soon escalate.

Long-term returns

Regular servicing will improve the lifespan of your vehicle – the better you treat it, the longer it will last.

You will also reap financial benefits if you sell your trusty drive in the future too. A car with evidence of regular servicing and a full service history is much more likely to attract buyers at a higher selling price.

More may cost you less

Your car’s service manual is written by the manufacturer. It details how often you should get your car serviced, and when replaceable parts might need to be changed.

Most car owners choose to get their vehicle serviced once a year or every 12,000 miles – whichever comes sooner. However, 12 months is a long time to wait. Opting to get your car serviced more frequently to ensure that your brakes, steering and suspension are in perfect working order is a smart way to limit your chances of being hit by hefty repair bills in the future.

Most garages offer an interim service designed to be carried out every 6 months or 6,000 miles. This will ensure your car is safe and roadworthy between full services.


It is important that you have confidence and trust in the business that services your car. Make sure it operates an open and transparent pricing policy and provides clear communication about any problems found.

It used to be the case that you had to take your vehicle to a main dealership for servicing and repair if it was still under manufacturer’s warranty. This is no longer the case. EU legislation stipulates that provided your vehicle is serviced using the manufacturer’s schedule, guidelines and recommended parts, you can service your car at any authorised service provider and your warranty won’t be affected.

MotorEasy has arrangements in place with over 10,000 garages, about one in every two in the UK. They even offer a collection and delivery service for added convenience.