Drivers are being told they can save up to almost 50% on their car insurance premiums if they renew their policy 15 to 24 days before it’s due to expire.


The car insurance experts have revealed the time motorists renew car insurance can severely impact how much they end up paying. The worst time to buy is last minute - with 62% of customers buying during this expensive period.

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The sweet spot for renewing a car insurance policy is 15 to 24 days before the policy is due to start, as data reveals drivers purchasing during this time save themselves an average of 33-45%.

Many drivers hope waiting until the last minute to renew their policies will lead to a good last-minute deal, however this is not normally the case.

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Car insurance experts at analysed the cheapest times for renewing insurance policies and shared other useful tips to help drivers avoid overpaying for their premiums.

Organised motorists giving themselves plenty of time to shop around and receive numerous quotes before deciding whether to renew or switch policies will likely receive the best deals.

Another mistake people make is allowing their policies to renew automatically, as this can cause drivers to miss out on significant savings.

Other expert tips on keeping insurance costs down include paying annually, cutting back on unnecessary extras, improving vehicle security and taking advantage of multi-car discounts.

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Motorists looking to keep premiums low should also try to avoid making small claims against their no-claims bonus – to help build up the years of no claims discount. Reviewing the excess is another option, drivers should try quoting with various excess options - although a higher excess will likely lower the overall payment, drivers need to be careful they are comfortable that they could afford the larger excess should an incident arise. Founder and CEO Greg Wilson said: “Although car insurance costs appear to be starting to stabilise following the record highs they reached over the last 12 months , it’s important for drivers to make sure they’re not overpaying for their premiums.

“Some of the most common costly mistakes drivers make are letting their policies renew automatically, not shopping around for better deals and leaving it to the last minute to purchase the policy.

“Drivers generally get notified a month before the policy is about to expire, and that’s the perfect time to start shopping around and comparing different providers – purchasing 15 to 24 days before the policy start date for the largest potential savings.

“Even if they stick with their current insurer, obtaining quotes from other companies may still help them save money by giving them the tools to negotiate and helping them check they’re not over or under insured.

“Price comparison websites can massively simplify this process by comparing multiple insurers and products at once.

“If possible, it’s also best to pay the entire annual premium upfront to save on interest payments and even consider adding an experienced driver to the policy – just be careful the main driver actually drives the car the most.

Save money by comparing car insurance quotes today

“When looking for affordable insurance, it's important for drivers to make sure they are not sacrificing protection in the event of accidents or unexpected situations. And remember, drivers must never give inaccurate information to help lower costs, this could void the coverage entirely.” helps millions of drivers in the UK find savings on all sorts of motoring products such as van, breakdown and motorbike insurance. can help drivers living in Northern Ireland

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