Did you know?

More than half of adults (56%) in the UK don’t have a valid Will

Writing a Will is still the safest way to ensure that all your wishes are carried out when you pass away.

Without one, not only will your estate be distributed according to the Laws of Intestacy, which may see your hard-earned assets not ending up where you’d want them to but family disputes could result in a lengthy and expensive probate process for your loved ones.

If you do have a Will, it’s also important to make sure that it is up to date. Wills should be reviewed at least every 5 years but also whenever there’s a change in your circumstances, for example the birth of a new grandchild.

Our Will Referral Service from Age Partnership

We’ve teamed up with Age Partnership who understand the importance of ensuring that your loved ones are provided for and that you have access to options to best make a choice to suit your needs and objectives.

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