AJ Bell

A Which? Recommended Provider for five years running, AJ Bell is a highly rated – and low cost – home for your investments.

You can go it alone by choosing from a market-leading range of global investments. You can get a little help if you want to lighten your research load. Or, if you're completely new to investing, you can pick an AJ Bell fund and leave the rest to our experts.


At Bestinvest we've been helping people invest since 1986; we’ve been making investing affordable and accessible from the day we launched, and we’ve been innovating ever since. Today we offer a wide range of investments, free expert coaching, smart planning tools and competitive pricing. We have more to offer than many leading investment platforms or robo-advisors.


Why MyNetwealth was launched and how it can transform financial lives

Having all the right information is key to building a successful financial plan for the future. However, the challenges to obtaining this information is why we set up MyNetwealth – a unique service in the UK to help investors track all their investments in one place and make informed planning decisions around their wealth and what it can do for them.