The experts at have named 10 household appliances needlessly draining energy and bank accounts across the country.


Their study found over a third of people leave their appliances on standby without realising how much it is costing them.

A quarter of people are also worried unplugging devices every night may damage them, but experts say it’s a better option to unplug electrical items than to keep them running.

Although turning devices and appliances off at the switch daily may seem tedious, it can save families lots of money over the year.

Greg Wilson, CEO and price comparison expert at, said: “A recent Quotezone survey found 32% of people feel as though changes they are making to reduce energy bills aren’t working. This is why we wanted to offer some really simple solutions to try and help those struggling to cut their bills.

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“By leaving your daily appliances and devices on standby mode, you are needlessly draining energy and funds.

“By getting into the habit of switching off all appliances and devices, homeowners could save as much as £103 a year – money which could help combat other surging household bills.”

Here are 10 energy draining culprits:

1.TV – £5.70

TVs are already one of the most energy-hungry devices so make sure to switch them off when they’re not in use to cut back on costs. The annual standby cost for a TV is £5.70 but it’ll be even more expensive if you have a set-top box.

2.Games consoles – £27.52

Gaming consoles are powerful devices which require a lot of running power. They are still connected to the internet even when just on standby mode, so consume a lot of energy.

3.Dishwasher – £7.44

There are lots of ways to cut down on energy use from your dishwasher, including using eco settings and only washing on full loads. But, leaving the appliance on when not in use could cost you £7.44 a year.

4.Desktop computer – £13.39

Workers spending much more time on their devices at home will already be piling additional costs onto their energy bills. Leaving devices on standby at the end of each day will make those costs considerably worse.

5.Laptop – £10.41

Make sure to unplug laptops once fully charged to stop them from eating up your energy all day long. Switch off at the wall or unplug completely.

6.Washing machine – £6.45

Washing machines, showers and tumble dryers all add up to account for around 16% of energy use. Over the year, the cost of keeping your washing machine on standby mode adds up.

7.Tumble dryer – £6.45

Tumble dryers are one of the highest energy-consuming appliances, and just like washing machines will contribute an additional £6.45 to your annual energy bill if left on standby.

8.Phone charger – £0.64

You may have multiple phone chargers plugged in around your home, each contributing to your monthly and annual bills. When not in use, make sure to turn off at the wall to cut down on spending.

9.Modem – £19.09

Users often keep devices like modems plugged in for convenience, without realising just how much they are contributing to annual bills. These devices waste energy when not in use, households could save significantly by turning them off overnight and using a plug-in timer to ensure they get switched back on again in the morning.

10.Microwave – £5.95

Microwaves already have a high daily active cost but if they’re also never switched off, then it’ll cost families an extra £5.95 per year.

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